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Welcome to the SOS FIRES Web Site.

This site is provided by SOS FIRES: Youth Intervention Programs. By providing this web site, we hope to facilitate the exchange of information on the topic of youth firesetting behaviors and interventions.

Professionals from all disciplines dealing with youth firesetting are invited to browse our site. We offer many timely articles, information, and the ability to interact with other professionals within the fire service, law enforcement, mental health, child welfare, juvenile justice, and medical communities.

Our site is made up of several pages to help you gain and share information. Check the menu above to see how we can meet your needs on this important topic.

Parents, caregivers, and teachers are also invited to visit our site. Our “Parent And Teachers” page offers helpful articles and links to those who care for or live with youth involved in firesetting behaviors.

Please keep in mind that if your question is not answered by the information posted here, you can always contact SOS FIRES. Use the “Contact Us” tab on the menu to reach SOS FIRES.

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Thank you for visiting our site.