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About SOS FIRES: Youth Intervention Programs

SOS FIRES: Youth Intervention Programs is a non-profit (501[c]3 tax exempt #94-3194659) organization which develops and supports a wide range of intervention, communication, and training for service providers of fire involved youth. We endeavor to prevent damage, injury, and death caused by child set fires. Our mission is as follows:


SOS FIRES exists to prevent youth fire tragedy through education, intervention, and mental health support. By forming unique partnerships and offering support to agencies dedicated to providing intervention services to fire involved youth, SOS FIRES intends to reduce the losses attributed to child caused fires in the Pacific Northwest, across North America, and around the globe.

Our goals are as follows:

  • To promote partnerships between the fire service, law enforcement, mental health practitioners, the medical community, and child advocate agencies who must deal with the aftermath of child-set fires.
  • To provide funding for innovative projects that will improve fire safety education methodology.
  • To gather and provide information that will assist agencies with concerns about youth firesetting behaviors.
  • To coordinate and present training opportunities for agencies providing intervention services for youth firesetting behaviors.
  • To provide assistance to families devastated by losses caused by child-set fires.
  • To save lives!


The Board of Directors for SOS FIRES is made up of practicing interventionists in the field of youth firesetting intervention. The board consists of five volunteers who work professionally with firesetting behaviors. They are listed below:

  • Don Porth
  • Lisa Garvich
  • Niki Pereira
  • Lisa Van Horn
  • Paul Schwartzman


Accompanying our board of directors is a technical advisory committee. These are also volunteers who offer direction and perspective for the full range of programs promoted by SOS FIRES.

Currently under re-development…


Few organizations have chosen to take on the issue of youth firesetting on a scale that extends beyond their jurisdiction. This makes SOS FIRES a unique and independent champion for this problem. But we need support to succeed.

The very strength of our organization is also the most significant downfall. We are rich with technical expertise but very short on time and resources. Outreach, is a challenge. Many fire agencies and mental health professionals would gladly take advantage of information about children and fire but do not know to whom or where to look. Through this internet site and our other outreach efforts, we hope to be a valuable resource to other professionals in the field of youth firesetting and, ultimately, save lives.

For more information, contact:
Don Porth, President
SOS FIRES: Youth Intervention Programs
22220 SE Heidi Lane, Suite 1
Damascus OR 97089
(503) 805-8482
(503) 427-0902 fax

“Because Every Child Deserves A Safe Tomorrow”