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Training Programs and Consulting Services

SOS FIRES provides a wide range of training for all disciplines involved in youth firesetting intervention and behavior management. Some courses are established and others can be designed to meet a specific need. Courses can be combined to create multiple days of learning opportunity for your team, coalition, or network.

Listed below are some of the established options. Teaching teams are made up of very experienced professionals in the field. Consider the economy of bringing courses to your community rather than trying to send your team to outside training.

Costs can vary based on a number of factors. To discuss cost, find out more about options and scheduling, or for questions, use the “Contact Us” selection in the menu above to contact SOS FIRES.

  • Youth Firesetting Intervention Specialist – “Intervention Specialist” – 2 days – (meets NFPA Standard 1035)
  • Youth Firesetting Intervention Specialist – “Program Manager” – 2 days – (meets NFPA Standard 1035)
  • Firesetting Intervention Triangle – 2 hours – This course uses discussion and exercises to present ways in which the interventionist can use the three aspects of the intervention (child interview, family interview, incident information) to formulate an effective intervention for a child/family. This course connects to terms and practices outlined in “Youth Firesetting Intervention Specialist Level I & II.”
  • My Child Knows Better… – 2 hours – Many parents say the words “My child knows better…” The reality is that children may not. This course explores the idea that children know better and the factors that shape a child (and caregiver’s) realty.
  • Community Risk Management through Youth Firesetting Intervention – 2 hours – This course discusses ways in which to use the data gathered through the delivery of a youth firesetting intervention program to direct edcuational programming to reduce risk in the community.
  • Write On – 2 hours – How you document your intervention can influence the services a child/family recieves. This course discusses the ways in which you can use your documentation to better support your intervention service.
  • Educational Intervention Done Right – 2, 4, or 8 hours – This course can vary in length depending on your level of need. This course discusses what is probably the most needed and least addressed aspect of intervention, a meaningful education session. This course covers child development, special needs (ADHD, FAS, etc.) children, educational content relevant to fire prevention, and group exercises to build skills.
  • Foundation Components of a Youth Firesetting Intervention Program – 2 hours – A successful intervention program requires a business approach that includes several specific components. To understand these is to produce a successful effort. This course covers the business components of a successful intervention program. The terms and model match the “Youth Firesetting Intervention Specialist Level I & II” courses.
  • What are your needs? – SOS FIRES can develop training and provide consulting to meet the needs of any program. If you don’t see courses that meet your needs, contact SOS FIRES to design trainings to fit your program and community.